Traditional routing, or out of the box trekking

You have been thinking about this mountain dream for a long time, and now is the moment to make it real. Depending on your Transalp dream, we offer different option to turn it into reality. Of course we offer the original route from Oberstdorf in Germany, to Meran in Italy. But if you are open to alternative options, we can also come up with a tailor made plan which takes you away from the busy crowds and will make your Transalp experience even more unique! A tour full of moments to never forget. A tour which will stay in your memory for a lifetime! Read along for more information about our different programs.

Heartwarming traditional

Together with our 2 main partners, we organize the original E5 Transalp from Oberstdorf in Germany, to Meran in Italy. On the way, you will stay in great mountain huts in stunning places. Hiking past glaciers, permanent snow fields, waterfalls, remote sheep huts and the home of Otzi the Ice man. Standing eye-to-eye with ibex, or spend the last hours before sunset scanning the Alps for a glimpse of a bird of pray...

For our Dutch guests, we offer the E5 Transalp as a Dutch-proof concept! We will organize the whole program for you, including the transfer from Meran back to your starting point. The benefits of your Dutch speaking contact person and guide are clear: they will be with you every step of this adventure with guidance, help and loads of interesting information! We always try to create 'Dutch-only' groups so that there is a perfect social atmosphere during your adventure.

The same we offer for our German and English guests. We work together with a specialist with many years of experience in organizing the E5 Transalp, they are the perfect partner for your adventure. With guides, office management and fellow adventurers speaking your language, booking your dream tour is just a message away!

Adventurous alternative

For those who are true adventurous, who are happy to go 'off-track', and who want to avoid the business of the normal E5 huts and routes, we offer a Transalp program of which we can say it is actually even better then the original. Touring parallel to the traditional E5, gives loads of advantages. Not only is there more place on the huts, also during the hours of hiking you do not move around between the many groups on the E5. We avoid 'hiking jams' at key points in the tour, and have more chances of spotting wildlife on route. Not having to urge for a place in the sun on the terrace, and having a calm and easy breakfast because the buffet is not overcrowded, really adds to the ultimate mountain dream experience. Of course it comes with the same benefits of certified guides, lugage transfer where possible and loads of breathtaking highlights. Another key benefit of this program, is the group scale, which is kept small and cozy. With a maximum of 8 persons, perfect organization and loads of contact between all participants is made possible.

Common Transalp factors

In total, there are 6 days of hiking. Each day will include a challenging climb and a technical descent. Gear can be partly transported by lifts, but on occasion it is pure human strength which help us bring everything to our destination. Every night there will be tasty mountain dinner, after which a good night rest on the cozy mountain hut, helps us to get ready for the next day. A filling and nutritious breakfast helps us to kick-start the next morning. For the small, less interesting, valley walks, transfers are included. This will give us the chance to spare our energy for the best parts of the Transalp adventure!

Prices for 2019 starting at 905,- euro p.p.

Crossing the mighty Alps by foot

It has something magical to it... A tour which takes you across three different countries, down below 1000m, and up to over 3000m altitude. A tour during which you cross one of the mightiest mountain ranges on our planet. The E5 is known for its stunning views, impressive climbs and cozy huts. If you love trekking in the Alps, then this is a tour which will be like the cherry on your mountain adventures pie. More and more hikers are dreaming of this challenge and now we offer you the chance to make this dream come true!