We love the mountains and want to share it with you!
Holidays should be relaxing, stress-free, fun, simply like a nice hike! So often we hear stories about the stress of planning a mountain holiday. Spending loads of time on researching and planning routes, trying to book accommodation, finding the right area to go to for you or your group, or difficulties to arrange guides for your activities. Not to mention the stress on location: safeguarding everybody, trying not to get lost and not missing out on any stunning view. Not the ideal way to spend your holiday.

That is why we started Holiday Hikes! We save you time and stress and help you to get the most out of your time in the mountains. Guided walks, day trips, hiking tours, hut-to-hut expeditions, tailor made adventure packages, everything is possible! And, of course, all guided by certified and experienced guides from the Austrian Mountain Guide Association. So tell us what your mountain dream is, and we will make it happen!